A Natural Fit: Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds And TimberNook Partner To Promote Healthy Child Development

Written by OutClass, On: Jan 14 , 2020

Adam Bienenstock and Angela Hanscom
Adam Bienenstock and Angela Hanscom

Hamilton, Ont. / Barrington, N.H. – As global leaders in a growing movement to connect children to nature, Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds and TimberNook are thrilled to announce a partnership that will enhance the health and well-being of children in urban environments.

“From the very first conversation with TimberNook’s Angela Hanscom, it was clear our organizations were aligned through our passion and belief that play in a nature-rich environment is fundamental to healthy early childhood development,” says Adam Bienenstock, Principal Designer and Founder, Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds.

Through the new partnership, the organizations will work directly with their networks, clients and certified TimberNook providers to expand Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds play environments and TimberNook experiences into urban schools and early childhood settings across Canada and the U.S.

“TimberNook thrives in sensory-rich, natural environments. By partnering with Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds, TimberNook can bring its unique program to children wherever they live,” says Angela Hanscom, Founder of TimberNook.

The ability to partner Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds play environments with TimberNook’s play experiences means that even the most urban of settings can be transformed into a natural play space where children can develop their brains and bodies in an optimal environment.

“TimberNook provides the curriculum and Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds creates the spaces in which the magic can happen,” offers Hanscom.

From tree stumps that double as climbing structures to sand and water play areas, Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds play environments are designed to engage the senses, be universally accessible, and pedagogically sound to support TimberNook’s innovative programming.

“Through this partnership, both Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds and TimberNook are better positioned to provide children across Canada and the U.S. with authentic access to raw nature where, and when, they play,” Bienenstock adds.

About Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds is an award-winning design and build firm with studios in Canada and the U.S. The company’s diverse team of experts provides clients with quality, locally sourced, and handcrafted natural playgrounds and outdoor classrooms, that are accessible, safe, and carefully designed to steer the next generation of environmental stewards. From conceptual design to installation, every Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds project is one-of-a-kind tailored to a client’s needs, and reflective of the company’s unceasing commitment to ensure children of all ages and abilities have access to nature when, and where, they play. Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds’ client base includes school boards, municipalities, and health-care facilities, among other organizations.

About TimberNook

TimberNook provides innovative outdoor play experiences for children that benefit the mind, body, and senses. Founded by Angela Hanscom, pediatric occupational therapist and author of Balanced and Barefoot, TimberNook educates families, teachers and the community about the critical links among play, nature, and healthy childhood development. The TimberNook curriculum weaves the therapeutic benefits of outdoor play with experiences that encourage children to interact with one another and the environment in increasingly complex and dynamic ways, stimulating positive growth and change within each child. TimberNook is inspiring children in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. TimberNook will soon be transforming outdoor play experiences in schools.

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