Five Reasons for Knocking Down walls in Favour of Outdoor Education – Part 1

Written by OutClass, On: Feb 6 , 2023

To kick off our list of five reasons for figuratively knocking down walls in favour of an outdoor education, we’re going to start with “Child Agency”.

What is Child Agency

Children’s agency could be defined as children’s capacity to act deliberately, speak for oneself, and reflect on their social worlds, shaping their lives and the lives of others. Having a sense of agency in the early childhood is linked to each child’s sense of belonging. A sense of belonging develops when a child has developed trust both in the grown-ups around them and the world include nature.

OutClass™ Outdoor Classroom Student Stations

Child Agency

An OutClass™ Outdoor Classroom Student Station is more than just a log desk and seat; it’s a personal “domain” for each child that provides a sense of agency and personal control. What this means is that in an open outdoor area, it becomes the anchor or home base for the student to connect with, come back to, and call their own.

Outdoor Student Stations are typically installed two meters apart, increasing privacy and personal space compared to the typical classroom experience. This promotes responsibility, creativity, and an overall sense of calm in what can be an often chaotic environment.

Distractions are often unavoidable, but we have the opportunity to choose between elbows and whispers, or birds and the wind.

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