Flexible Learning allows us to Knock Down walls in Favour of Outdoor Education

Written by OutClass, On: Feb 10 , 2023

Learning happens in many ways and in many different configurations. Collaboration and group work requires a setup that can reflect your teaching style. The third reason an outdoor classroom is beneficial for a child’s education are the flexible learning arrangements that it provides.

Outdoor Classrooms Allow More Flexible Learning Opportunities

Flexible Learning

While Outclass™ Outdoor Classrooms are designed to replicate some elements of a traditional classroom – such as student stations, a teacher station, chalkboards, etc. – there is a lot more going on beneath the surface.

Outdoor classrooms can be installed almost anywhere in a matter of hours, with as few or as many student stations as are needed, and in nearly infinite configurations (each system comes with a heavy-duty tool to easily move the student stations). They can be set up in rows, clusters, groups, or anything in between, allowing educators to cater the student experience to their prerogative.

Flexible Learning in a Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classroom Support

We at Outclass™ Outdoor Classrooms also provide curriculum supports & outdoor classroom resources for kindergarten and childcare cohorts, presented by our director of Education, Jill Bienenstock RECE.

No Loss of Creativity

There’s also no need to fear those creative kids that like to get a little extra hands-on with crafts, as this is an outdoor space, and can be treated accordingly. Because they are robust, stable, and durable, the student stations are practically theft and vandalism-proof and don’t need to be set up and put away every time they are used.

The list of options for creativity and education just got a whole lot longer!

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