How an Outdoor Classroom Can Help a Struggling School Improve Grades and Address Other Issues

Written by OutClass, On: Aug 16 , 2023

There has been a surge in the popularity of outdoor classrooms, as educators recognize their potential to enrich students’ learning experiences to support traditional classrooms, creating an outdoor learning environment can greatly benefit struggling schools by improving academic performance, addressing behavioural issues, fostering creativity, and enhancing overall student well-being. There are various ways in which an outdoor classroom can positively impact a struggling school and contribute to its growth.

Embracing Experiential Learning

Outdoor classrooms provide the perfect setting for hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. By engaging students in practical activities, such as gardening, nature exploration, and scientific experiments, an outdoor environment helps them understand and retain knowledge more effectively. The direct experience of nature stimulates curiosity, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a deeper understanding of the subject matter. This approach can greatly benefit struggling students who may find it challenging to grasp concepts in a traditional classroom setting.

Struggling schools often face issues related to student’s physical and mental well-being. Limited resources and challenging environments can negatively impact student health and engagement. An outdoor classroom provides an opportunity to break away from a sedentary lifestyle and encourages physical activity. Regular exposure to nature helps reduce stress, boost mood, increase attention span, and improve overall mental well-being. Students who feel happier and healthier are more likely to participate actively in academic tasks and improve their performance.

The freedom and openness of an outdoor classroom create an environment conducive to creativity and critical thinking. Natural surroundings inspire imagination and originality, allowing students to think outside the box and explore innovative solutions to problems. This creative stimulation is particularly beneficial for struggling schools seeking to encourage out-of-the-box thinking and nurture creativity among their students.

Facilitating Social and Emotional Development

Schools facing challenges often encounter behavioural issues and a lack of interpersonal skills among students. Incorporating an outdoor classroom can help address these issues by promoting social and emotional development. The collaborative nature of outdoor activities encourages teamwork, communication, and empathy. Students learn to interact with their peers, resolve conflicts, and develop leadership skills. These experiences foster a sense of belonging and positively impact the overall school environment.

An outdoor classroom provides a unique opportunity for students to connect with nature, fostering an appreciation for the environment and promoting sustainable practices. Engaging in activities such as gardening, composting, and recycling not only educates students about environmental conservation but also empowers them to make sustainable choices in their lives. This connection with nature instills a sense of responsibility and encourages students to become proactive global citizens.

Integrating an outdoor classroom into a struggling school can bring about significant positive changes. It creates an environment that supports experiential learning, promotes physical and mental well-being, enhances creativity and critical thinking, facilitates social and emotional development, and nurtures a connection with nature. By embracing this innovative approach, struggling schools can improve academic performance, address behavioural issues, and create a holistic learning experience for their students. Investing in outdoor classrooms is a valuable step towards building a brighter future for both the students and the school as a whole.

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