Nature Stewardship is a Great Reason to Knocking Down walls in Favour of Outdoor Education

Written by OutClass, On: Feb 8 , 2023

Nature Stewardship

As the walls continue to come down, let’s look at the next reason for education in a natural outdoor environment: “Nature Stewardship”.

Stewardship is defined as the “responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.” And “Nature Stewardship” is caring for our world, from reducing pollution, protecting endangered species to building more green spaces.

We’ve all been entrusted with the natural world in which we live, and what better way is there to learn than by being immersed in it? Learning in an outdoor classroom instills a sense of responsibility over that space – to care for and protect it. Nature stewardship refers to actions that aim to conserve, protect, and create a more sustainable environment.

Nature Stewardship

Indigenous peoples of the world have practised nature stewardship for a very long time and Canada’s conservation movement began in the 1880s. So, this is not a new idea and practicing nature stewardship has been suggested to have a positive effect on both mental and physical health.

The natural sounds of the trees, wildlife, and footsteps in the grass become the soundtrack of our learning instead of clocks ticking, HVAC powering on, and hard footsteps on cold tile.

OutClass™ Outdoor Classrooms aren’t just a window to nature, but the doorway to respecting, protecting, and learning in our natural world. We at OutClass™ have outdoor classroom resources to assist in your journey to have a more natural learning approach.

So, are you in on getting out?

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