Having the Proper Resources is Essential for Outdoor Learning

Written by OutClass, On: Jun 12 , 2023

As more and more educators recognize the benefits of outdoor learning, the demand for outdoor classrooms has increased. Outdoor classrooms provide many opportunities for students to learn outside of the traditional indoor setting, and allow them to engage with nature in a meaningful way. However, for outdoor classrooms to be effective, it is crucial to have the proper resources available.

An important resource for an outdoor classroom is a shade sail, which protects from the elements, making it possible for classes to be held even during inclement weather. With the shade sail, outdoor classrooms can be used year-round, giving students access to fresh air and natural light in any season.

Another important resource for an outdoor classroom is student seating and desks, also a teacher station. Outdoor chalkboards, planters, and curriculum cabinets round out the main components with other items such as outdoor musical instruments that can be added to allow more options to your outdoor classrooms.

In addition to these basic resources, it is important to have loose parts, tools, and materials specific to the type of learning that will take place in the outdoor classroom. For example, a science-based outdoor classroom should have access to materials like nets, magnifying glasses, and test kits, while an art-focused outdoor classroom may need paintbrushes and a variety of canvases. Having a wide range of materials available encourages creativity and exploration and ensures that students can fully engage in the learning experience.

Having the proper resources for an outdoor classroom can make a huge impact on the success of the learning experience. By providing shelter, seating, and work surfaces, specific materials, and incorporating natural elements, educators can create a dynamic learning environment that engages students and inspires them to learn. As outdoor learning continues to gain popularity, we must invest in the resources necessary to make these classrooms successful.

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