Something wonderful is happening in Durham, North Carolina

Written by OutClass, On: Jun 9 , 2023

Durham Public Schools (DPS) has a goal to break the barriers of traditional classrooms and immerse their students in the wonders of nature, where learning can take on new and exciting forms. Outclass™ Outdoor Classrooms is excited to join forces with Durham Public Schools in their pursuit of outdoor learning. With their Hub Farm, equipped faculty, outdoor classes, and 40 Outclass™ outdoor classrooms now in operation at various Durham Public Schools locations, the journey has already begun.

Outdoor classrooms have gained immense popularity in recent years and for good reason. These classrooms provide an alternative approach to traditional indoor learning- one that is dynamic, engaging, and innovative. Outdoor classrooms offer a unique teaching and learning environment that can help boost children’s physical and mental development.

From enhanced engagement to better exam results, outdoor classrooms come with numerous benefits.

This two-minute video captures the passion of those pushing for change and advocating for our young, eager learners to experience and learn from nature and the world around them. Each quote serves as a testament to this powerful mission.

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