Why we advocate for Outdoor Education is it’s Many Benefits

Written by OutClass, On: Feb 13 , 2023

Sensory Input

Outdoor Education

Learning is most effective when the input is fully sensory. The more sensory the input, the stickier the information. Our Natural spaces, outdoor classroom resources and curated plantings provide a sensory-rich environment that improves learning outcomes. Temperature, brightness, loose parts, and moving scenery in the sky remain unregulated and lead to a pronounced decrease in frenetic behaviour and an increase in focus.

Benefits of Outdoor Education

The sounds of nature, the smells of trees and grass, and the feeling of the sun on your face, all these things are helpful for children to learn. Other benefits of outdoor education can include:

  • Being outdoors can reduce anxiety in children
  • Bullying has been shown to be reduced in an outdoor learning environment
  • Physical health improves with more exposure to nature
  • A child’s overall happiness can be improved by enjoying nature more including when learning
Outdoor Education

Nature Stewardship

The environment also fosters a desire to learn about the natural world that surrounds us with curiosity and wonder, while simultaneously being immersed in it.

Ask us about our outdoor classroom curriculum supports, offered with every Outclass™ outdoor classroom. The benefits of just one class in our environments result in better focus and attention indoors for the rest of the school day.

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