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Adding outdoor-based learning to your facility & programming can provide big results with a very reasonable investment and simple, quick installation.

Looking for a win this spring with your students, teachers and parents? From single classrooms to board level purchasing, we can help. Our experienced advisors are happy to connect and help you develop or enhance the outdoor learning environment at your facility. We specialize in projects of any size; from a single classroom to board-wide initiatives. Our outdoor classrooms are warrantied and compliant across North America.

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About OutClass™

Adam Bienenstock, Founder & Principal Designer

OutClass™ is the outdoor classroom extension of Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds, the leader in natural playground development since 1984.

The OutClass™ Outdoor Classroom allows teachers and educators to provide outdoor education in a safe, flexible, and pedagogically sound manner. Made of 100% sustainably-harvested wood, the OutClass™ system is the most effective, flexible, and natural solution to bring outdoor learning to your school.

Our team is passionate about bringing outdoor classrooms to schools across North America and enhancing outdoor education opportunities for students, teachers, and educators alike.

Why OutClass™?

Healthy and Safe

  • OutClass™ surfaces naturally disinfect overnight (compared to 4-5 days for plastic and steel)
  • Seat spacing allows for social distancing
  • Seats feature backpack hitch to keep materials self-contained

Quick and easy set up and removal

  • Low-impact surface mount system
  • Classrooms can be set up or removed in just one hour
  • Moving tool allows for easy reconfiguration

Flexible teaching space

  • Allows for infinite configurations of seating and breakout groups
  • Buffers between classes and shelters the learning environment
  • Teacher tested and approved

Transforms to play structure

  • Components can be repurposed into engaging, compliant play structures (ASTM, ANSI, CSA, ADA)
  • Other options include outdoor gathering area, social seating, student study groups, and bleachers for sports fields

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