Contest FAQ

 Q:Who can apply? (teacher, parent, principal, etc.)

A: Everyone is welcome to enter the contest for their school or facility. Once the contest rules and entry form are sent to you, the Principal of your school or the Director of your Facility will need to provide permission to proceed.

 Q:How do I apply?

A: Follow this LINK to enter your expression of interest to get the details to enter!

You can get additional entries for interacting with our social media channels.

 Q:What are the rules?

A: Rules and guidelines can be found HERE.

 Q:How much space do we need for an outdoor classroom?

A: You will need a space of 35’x45’ minimum.

 Q:Does the prize include installation?

A: Yes.

 Q:Why is the principal’s signature required to enter?

A: The Principal of your School or the Director of your facility are the ones that can provide permission for the outdoor classroom to be setup at the property. If you win, we want to be sure we can give it to you!

 Q:Can my Private/Catholic school apply?

A: Yes.

 Q:Who can I contact about purchasing an outdoor classroom?

A:  CLICK HERE to submit a contact request, and a team member will reach out.

 Q:Can I enter multiple schools?

A: You can enter multiple schools through the contest page here, but each school will require their Principal’s permission to enter the contest. Please see the contest rules here.

 Q:How many students will this outdoor classroom accommodate?

A: 20 students.

 Q:Can a childcare and school that share a space/property enter into the contest separately?

A: Yes, be sure to indicate if the submission is for the child care or for the school when entering the contest.

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