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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

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Outdoor Learning Environments

Step into an ultimate natural learning environment – OutClass™ by Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds creates an opportunity to immerse your students in a world of discovery where lessons come to life beneath the open sky. Our carefully curated outdoor spaces harmonize education and nature seamlessly. OutClass™ creates opportunities to foster creativity, enhance focus and ignite a passion for the natural world. Not only do we provide an elevation to your education but also your classroom experience – because education is an adventure waiting to happen. Ready to redefine learning among the trees? Our real world sustainability standards include locally sourced trees, creating an immersive and educational environment like no other.

For Future Sustainability

The actions you take today as an educator will shape the future of our children. By inspiring children today, we’re shaping the leaders of tomorrow, instilling in them a love of nature and learning and a drive to make a positive impact on the world. Join us in empowering the next generation with the tools they need to become compassionate, innovative, and forward-thinking leaders.

Past Success

We’ve successfully worked with schools in Texas and Michigan to bring an outdoor learning space to life with EANS and GAP funding, as an approved vendor. We offer solutions to address learning loss and solutions for building new forms of curriculum development that includes spaces for teaching purposes. OutClass offers your school a hybrid learning support for all types of students including those with special rights. We’ve learned along our journey in outdoor education that nature isn’t the problem that is waiting to be solved. It’s the solution.

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PDF Resources

Here are some of our OutClass™ Resources for you.

Outdoor Classrooms

Some Videos on Outdoor Classrooms

Holy Spirit Catholic School to start school year with new Outdoor Classroom

OutClass™ Outdoor Classrooms at Leon Valley Elementary

OutClass™ Outdoor Classrooms

Some of Our OutClass™ Outdoor Classrooms

OutClass™ Starter Classroom Package
OutClass™ Custom Classroom Package
OutClass™ Custom Classroom Package
OutClass™ Base Classroom Package
OutClass™ Base Classroom Package
OutClass™ Custom Classroom Package
OutClass™ Custom Classroom Package
OutClass™ Base Classroom Package

Purchasing Solutions

From Bulk Purchasing to Single Classrooms

If you’re interested in taking learning outdoors at your facility this year, give us a shout! Whether you’re looking to purchase, learn more, book a consultation, or schedule a vendor presentation for your board, we’re happy to share our experience and help out! Our team of experts is committed to guiding you through every step of the process, regardless of the size of your order or ambition of your outdoor learning goals and check out our funding resources page to see some current funding opportunities. We have years of experience in turning our clients’ visions into reality and offer a range of solutions to fit your needs.

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