Developed by teachers, for teachers, and designed for quick shipping and fast set-up, OutClass™ can transform your open space into an effective outdoor school in a single day. Blackboards for teaching, solid, stable, natural seating that maintains distancing, curriculum and equipment storage, buffers between classes, shade and inclement weather protection are delivered and set up in one day without damaging your field. Use this approach to quickly scale-up your outdoor classroom capacity outside to take the pressure off your teachers and school inside.

Seasonal Outdoor Activity Cards are one of the proprietary outdoor curriculum supports developed by our Director of Education, Jill Bienenstock RECE

Seasonal Outdoor Activity Cards

Below is a detailed developmental analysis of the OutClass™ outdoor classrooms, patent pending, as an outdoor classroom and as a transformed play structure/gathering area

CognitiveCognitive: Focus and Attention, Problem Solving, Memory

Social/EmotionalSocial/Emotional: Parallel, Joint or Cooperative Play. Turn-Taking, Self Regulation

CommunicationCommunication: Receptive & Expressive Language

MotorMotor: Motor Planning, Hand-eye, Core & Upper Body Strength, Balance, Crossing at the Midline, Coordination

SensorySensory: Tactile, Visual, Olfactory, Auditory, Proprioceptive, Vestibular

Curriculum Support

Introducing OutClass™ Outdoor Curriculum support for our customers. Our Director of Education, Jill Bienenstock RECE has worked alongside Dr. Sara Croke to develop an outdoor curriculum series for educators looking to take their classes outdoors this year. The activity-series is designed as a comprehensive collection of projects which address K-to-5 language, mathematics, science and social studies curriculum with a multi-disciplinary and engaging approach.

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We've included our sample "Class Tree" activity complete with curriculum deliverables below. For access to our entire K-to-5 outdoor learning program contact us; this is included with ALL OutClass™ products.