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Want to Know More About OutClass™ Outdoor Classroom Equipment

Outdoor classrooms provide a multitude of advantages that enrich learning experiences, enhance both physical and mental well-being, promote environmental consciousness, foster social and emotional growth, and ignite creativity and imagination.

For the past two decades, the dedicated team at Bienenstock has been constructing outdoor learning and play spaces. Our outdoor classroom equipment and furniture, is made for both the students and teachers in mind.

OutClass™ outdoor classrooms offer a natural and flexible approach to expanding your classroom capacity outdoors, alleviating the burden on your teachers and indoor school facilities.

We provide a range of OutClass™ outdoor classroom packages, each designed to meet your specific needs. Each of our packages comes with some of this equipment, and below is a detailed description of each of them but if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Why Choose OutClass™ Outdoor Classroom Equipment , Components & Furniture?

OutClass™ outdoor classroom equipment, components & furniture play a crucial role in enhancing the learning experience of students in an unconventional setting. These specialized equipment are designed and made to be environmentally friendly and to withstand all four seasons, they are all ADA/AODA compliant. We carefully select species of trees and treat our wood equipment with timber oil to increase resilience and longevity outdoors. We include operation and maintenance manuals that provide detailed instructions for the equipment use and care and a 1-year warranty for OutClass™ outdoor classroom equipment.

Outdoor Curriculum Cards

Outdoor Curriculum Cards

Our outdoor Curriculum Cards are a valuable resource designed to enhance outdoor learning experiences for students of all ages. These cards provide teachers with a variety of engaging activities and lessons that can be easily integrated into any outdoor curriculum.

By utilizing Outdoor Curriculum Cards, educators can foster a deeper connection between students and the world around them. With the Outdoor Curriculum Cards, teachers have a valuable tool at their fingertips to bring the classroom outdoors and create meaningful learning opportunities.

Outdoor Curriculum Cards
Milled Log Benches

Our milled log benches are a rustic and charming seating for students, they are perfect for group learning and discussions. Made from local sourced logs, these benches are crafted by our skilled craftsmen who carefully choose and shape the logs to create sturdy and comfortable seating.

One of the key advantages of log benches is their durability. The thick, solid logs provide a strong and stable foundation, ensuring that the benches can withstand the test of time and weather conditions.

Our student stations are crafted from logs to create seat and table combinations that allow students to do their school work in an outdoor learning environment just like in a traditional classroom.

The student station offers a proper height and wide base for children to feel stable. They come in different heights depending on the age of the students that will be using them, and the bark is left on to provide both visual and tactile experiences. And each student station has a hook for the child’s backpack to be hung from, these are the best for outdoor classroom seating options

Student Stations
Teacher Station

We use the best at sturdiest log to create our teacher stations, the height and width are perfect for a teacher to conduct their class, the desk can hold the items need to teach.

Both our student and teacher stations are made from logs and treated to withstand the elements so they can be used year round. The teacher station can be used a seat during classroom discussions.

Our outdoor chalkboard are specially coated steel that resists the elements and facilitates easier graffiti removal. They are two sided to provide opportunities to be used form either side.

Carefully designed to stand 18” above the ground, and with a large width, they are perfect for any type of lesson, the weather resistant chalkboards can be used all year around.

Outdoor Chalkboard
Curriculum Cabinet

Our specially designed pine curriculum cabinet, perfect for educators to store their programming materials. This versatile storage place is ideal for the outside space, it is weather resistant and will withstand the elements.

The inside of the doors provide a place to hang shovels and spades. Chalkboards are placed on the outside of the doors which can be used to leave messages or label the sides.

Our planter boxes provide a safe haven for plants, protecting them from trampling and other potential hazards. These planter boxes are designed at a height that is easily accessible for children of various ages and stages, making gardening a fun and engaging activity for all.

To ensure safety, all edges are rounded to prevent any risk of splinters, and there is no exposed hardware that could cause harm.

Planter Boxes
Shade Sails

Our shade sails are versatile and stylish and are designed to provide shade and protection from the sun’s harsh rays. The fabric is stretched tightly between anchor points, creating a taut and visually appealing canopy-like structure.

The shade sails are made from a durable and weather-resistant fabric that is specifically designed to block the sun and rain, allowing the your outdoor classroom to stay cool and dry.

Shade Sail Posts

Shade Sail Posts

The shade sail post are made from strong durable logs, they are treated with wood oil to make them last. They can be put in any formation to allow you to have the best place to attach your shade sails.

Multiple posts can be installed so that the shade sails can be attached in different combinations to keep the sun and rain of your outdoor classroom throughout the day.

Shade Sail Posts
Fence Panels
Fence Panels

Fence Panels

Our fence panels are versatile and can be placed in the best position to block the noise from the street or even the sports field.

The wooden fence panels are made from cedar and treated to be weather resistant, they can enhance the privacy of your outdoor classroom or be used as a classroom wall to hang items on.

All OutClass™ outdoor classrooms now include locally sourced trees, creating an immersive and educational environment like no other. By providing students with access to nature and integrating environmental education into their learning journey, we are enabling them to become active participants in mitigating climate change, rather than being passive victims of its consequences.

Locally Sourced Trees

OutClass™ Outdoor Classroom Packages

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If you’re interested in taking learning outdoors at your facility this year, give us a shout! Whether you’re looking to purchase, learn more, book a consultation, or schedule a vendor presentation for your board, we’re happy to share our experience and help out! Our team of experts is committed to guiding you through every step of the process, regardless of the size of your order or ambition of your outdoor learning goals. We have years of experience in turning our clients’ visions into reality and offer a range of solutions to fit your needs.

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