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Student Stations

Outdoor classrooms are revolutionizing the educational experience by connecting students with nature while providing robust and practical learning environments. A key component of these innovative classrooms is the student stations, an essential outdoor desk that ensures students have a dedicated space to sit or stand and work on their assignments.

OutClass™ Outdoor Classroom

Key Features

  • Each individual student desk provides an opportunity to sit or stand while working on a robust desktop.
  • Choose from 3 sizes to optimize the learning experience for the students using them.
  • Each wooden desk includes a hook for hanging backpacks, jackets and more.
  • Each station is ADA/AODA compliant, ensuring accessibility for all students.

Careful selection of tree species and the treatment of wood with timber oil increase the resilience and longevity of the equipment, even in harsh weather conditions.

Age-Specific Design for Optimal Learning

OutClass™ understands the diverse needs of students across different age groups. Therefore, we have created 3 sizes of student stations are specifically designed to cater to your needs.

Durable Materials and Construction

  • Each student station is meticulously crafted from logs, creating a natural and durable seat and table combination year-round.
  • The bark is intentionally left on to provide both a visual and tactile experience, enriching the students’ connection with their outdoor environment.
  • The use of logs not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also ensures that the materials are in harmony with nature.

Stability and Practicality

A key feature of the student stations is their stability. The proper height and wide base of each station ensure that children feel secure while using them. This stability is crucial for maintaining focus and comfort during outdoor lessons. Additionally, each station includes a hook for hanging backpacks or jackets, keeping personal items off the ground and within reach.

Year-Round Functionality

OutClass™ student stations are designed to withstand all four seasons, making them a year-round solution for outdoor learning. The careful selection of tree species and the treatment of wood with timber oil increase the resilience and longevity of the equipment, even in harsh weather conditions.

Outdoor Classroom Ideas to Fit Your Needs

Outdoor Classroom Ideas to Fit Your Needs

OutClass™ offers various configurations for student stations to meet different needs and budgets.  These options allow you to choose the best fit for their specific requirements, ensuring every student has an optimal outdoor learning experience. 

Whether you have a small space or are looking to outfit classrooms at various locations we have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose a layout that fits your needs. For all OutClass packages, 1 tree will be included for every: 5 Student Stations, 3 Milled Log Benches, or 3 Shade Sails.

Check out our packages below.

Starter Package


Starter Package

Base Package

Outdoor Classroom

Base Package

Ultimate Package

Outdoor Classroom

Ultimate Package

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Explore More Outdoor Classroom Equipment

OutClass™ offers a wide range of essential outdoor classroom equipment and furniture beyond student stations, including:

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Our durable outdoor chalkboards are a perfect addition to your outdoor classroom, designed to withstand the elements while providing an engaging surface for lessons.

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Our Curriculum Cabinets offer convenient and organized storage solutions, ensuring all educational materials are easily accessible and well-protected.

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Enhance your students’ learning experience with OutClass™ Outdoor Classrooms.

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