How-To Guide for Parents

Whether your interested in a single outdoor classroom for your child’s school, or a board-wide initiative, parents are often the spark required to light the flame for outdoor learning within a school district or board. Below you’ll find our guide to help parents like you get the ball rolling and advocate for outdoor learning resources.


Parents can advocate for outdoor classrooms by reaching out to their parent/development councils & school foundations. Book an information session with your parent council.


Teachers, Principals & Superintendents are great resources for more information on advocating or soliciting-for an outdoor classroom at your child’s school You can share our How-To Guide for Educators with the team at your school.

Support Resources

• OutClass™ Infographic
• Sustainable Planting Policy
• OutClass™ Online Catalogue
• OutClass™ Spotlight Video


Our entry-level starter package begins at just $9800 . We’ve worked with parents, and parent councils who have run their own fundraisers and community events to raise the capital necessary to purchase an outdoor classroom. We have a great fundraising resource here to help as well.

Grants & Funding

With access to nature and greenspaces a focus nationally, grants and funding pools for greening projects and outdoor education are now commonplace. If you don’t see something local to you on our funding page, our team would be happy to help support and steer you in the right direction.


Like, follow & share our, and other advocacy group posts on the value and benefits of outdoor learning. Connecting your community to the paradigm is step-one in advocating for outdoor learning.

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