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OutClass™ & Leon Valley Elementary

We’re proud to partner with educator Jenna Hudon, Principal Jessica Ruiz & Leon Valley Elementary, winners of our 2023 Outdoor Classroom giveaway to share the launch of their brand new OutClass™ outdoor classroom. We are firmly committed to a mission centered on connecting children to nature and it’s been inspiring to meet the like-minded leaders at NISD who share our values.

OutClass™ is leading the way to bring students back to nature. We believe that for students to truly learn about and appreciate the wonders of the natural world, they need direct access to it. That’s why all OutClass™ outdoor classrooms now include locally sourced trees, creating an immersive and educational environment like no other.

Effective outdoor education goes beyond the traditional concept of outdoor classrooms. It requires more than just open spaces, green fields, or outdoor classroom furniture. At OutClass™ we understand that for a truly enriching experience, students need a living canopy overhead and living soils underfoot. The inclusion of a vibrant schoolyard forest brings life and vitality to the learning experience, fostering a deeper connection with nature.

Our OutClass™ Outdoor Classroom giveaway returns for 2023-24 this Thursday, October 26th. Check back on our home page tomorrow for details and a link to enter your school!

OutClass™ 2023 Winner - Leon Valley Elementary

OutClass™ 2023 Winner - Leon Valley Elementary

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