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Worried about accessibility? We have developed a surface mounted approach that makes your outdoor classrooms and grass surfaces immediately accessible under the ADA and AODA.

Two seat and desk heights have been chosen to operate as a sitting or standing desk and work above the 60th percentile for children in grade 1 to 4 and grade 5 to 8.

Teachers have a taller and wider desktop for their computer, textbooks, notes, and display materials. Their seat is configured differently from the student’s’ to provide back support for sitting, the option to use it as a footrest while sitting on the desktop, or the ergonomically correct height as a stand-behind desk.

Blackboards are specially coated steel that resists the elements and facilitates easier graffiti removal. They are two sided to provide opportunities for four groups of four to break out and still observe physical distancing protocols. Carefully designed to stand 18” above the field, they provide open sightlines at the ground plane allowing the entire classroom to meet CPTED Guidelines for supervision.

*Seat sizing is flexible and can be mixed.

**OutClass systems can also be ordered with seat and desk heights for grown students and adults to learn and work.

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