Securing Support: Strategies for Funding Your School’s Outdoor Classroom

Securing funding for your school's outdoor classroom requires strategic planning, community engagement, and a clear vision for enhancing educational experiences through nature-based learning. By leveraging funding opportunities, forging partnerships, and advocating for outdoor education, schools can create enriching outdoor spaces


Schools Can Receive ESSER III Funding for the Establishment of...

These outdoor learning environments provide numerous benefits, including improved air quality, enhanced student engagement, and opportunities for hands-on learning in a natural setting. By allocating ESSER III funds towards the development of outdoor classrooms, schools can create dynamic and healthy


Beyond the Classroom: How Outdoor Learning Improves Academic Performance

Traditional education often confines learning within classroom walls, but the benefits of outdoor learning are becoming increasingly evident. Outdoor environments provide students with opportunities for hands-on experiences, direct interaction with nature, and immersive learning experiences that can significantly enhance their

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